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Garfield... minus Garfield. [ 2008 ¤ February 27th @ 11:37am ]
[ mood | amused ]

And I quote:
"Who would have guessed that when you remove Garfield from the Garfield comic strips, the result is an even better comic about schizophrenia, bipolor disorder, and the empty desperation of modern life?
Friends, meet Jon Arbuckle. Let’s laugh and learn with him on a journey deep into the tortured mind of an isolated young everyman as he fights a losing battle against lonliness and methamphetamine addiction in a quiet American suburb."
Garfield, minus Garfield

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Privacy is Obsolete [ 2008 ¤ February 20th @ 06:24pm ]
[ mood | working ]

For the rest of this blog entry, check out Evolving Music.

Privacy is ObsoleteCollapse )
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I would watch this show every day. [ 2008 ¤ February 6th @ 01:26am ]

Hell yes.
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Mix Match Music! [ 2007 ¤ October 1st @ 12:00pm ]
I'm a lead programmer on a developing web project, MixMatchMusic. Check it out, post your suggestions, and sign up so we can let you know when we've launched!
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[ 2007 ¤ September 18th @ 12:51pm ]

I went to elementary school with this guy. We used to play with fire and gunpowder in 5th grade.

Interesting to see the paths people take. He speaks well.
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[ 2007 ¤ July 9th @ 11:40pm ]
[ mood | refreshed ]

There's nothing like doing a buck down 280 with the windows down blasting some good tunes watching the fog roll in over the reservoir to remind you that life = good.

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Webcomics. [ 2007 ¤ June 29th @ 01:45pm ]
I'm at work, and these are some comics I liked.
pasteCollapse )
And that's what I did today.
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[ 2007 ¤ May 25th @ 10:43am ]
I'm heading down to Orange County today for the weekend again. Last weekend was my sister's graduation, and this weekend I'm helping her pack up her apartment and drive it up I-5. Anyone who's in SoCal, hit me up. Back by Wednesday.
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[ 2007 ¤ May 10th @ 06:01pm ]
Wouldn't you know it, I called in beach to work today and it's too cold to go. Luckily, Lauren and I went to La Cumbre for lunch, then hung out by her complex's pool and hot tub all afternoon.

Good times.
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Ping. [ 2007 ¤ April 28th @ 02:26am ]
[ mood | groovy. ]

I haven't updated in a long time.

Company's going well - I'm programming all the time. Went to the Web 2.0 Expo/Conference in San Fran a week or two ago - it was incredibly educational and informative. Plus free beer and wine - score. Schools' OK, work's good, I go out alot. When there's more specific news I'll post it.

If you're in the area, you're either hanging out with me often or choosing not to and missing out, since I go out so much. If you're not in the area, come visit. I guarantee you'll have a good time. Plus you probably owe me a visit since I travel to everybody often everywhere.

She's always buzzing just like neon, neon... who knows how long, how long, how long she can go before she burns away?

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[ 2007 ¤ March 4th @ 08:38pm ]
[ mood | content ]

So as I was cruising quite fast on the freeway in my sweet ride, after an awesome weekend with gorgeous weather, while blasting great tunes, it hit me. Despite everything I want but don't have, and have but don't want; despite my regrets and unhappy memories, despite the struggles I have faced and have yet to face - I really, really love my life.

That's not to say I'm content with everything - I have lots of goals and countless personal flaws upon which to improve. But, wow, me encanta la vida.

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Happy New Year! [ 2007 ¤ January 1st @ 11:36pm ]
I'm back from Las Vegas, where I spent New Year's at the MGM in a room with from three to six women. I saw Cirque du Soleil's KA, and ate tasty food, attended fancy clubs, and watched fireworks. 10 hours after getting home, I'll be flying to LA where I'll be going on a Birthright trip to Israel for two weeks. I'm very psyched.

Our company incorporates this week, and we launch in May. MixMatchMusic - check us out at www.mixmatchmusic.com - although there's just an info page up at the moment. Yay!
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Quizzes make the world go round. [ 2006 ¤ December 3rd @ 10:30am ]
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Waiting on my world to change [ 2006 ¤ November 25th @ 02:01pm ]
Sometimes BitTorrent is really slow.
Would You Have Been a Nazi TestCollapse )
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[ 2006 ¤ November 2nd @ 02:17am ]
Note: All fun posts will be friends only, because Google has eyes everywhere. This means you, Halloween post!

Despite my position that employers should shut the eff up about stuff people do in their free time, I'm still aware that people will always be stupid.
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Times Like These [ 2006 ¤ October 23rd @ 11:56am ]
[ mood | sinusoidal ]

So I think I'm going to try to start posting more regularly... my lack of posts latelymakes me feel disconnected, and I'm not there yet.

I had a great time last weekend. I went to the Bridge School Benefit concert on Saturday with Charles, Kevin, Adam, Keenan, and Derek. Death Cab, Foo Fighters, Trent Reznor, Brian Wilson, Dave Matthews Band, and Neil Young. Wow. So much music. So much beer and smoke. What a day. Good times indeed... I can't believe I've lived here for years and never went to one of these things.

I played tennis yesterday with Keenan. It's only the second time I played since high school (5.5 years ago, damn) and I forgot how much fun it was. I'm still pretty good, too :-).

Going to Santa Cruz for Halloween proper, and maybe IV in Santa Barbara for the weekend before. Vegas for New Years, and Israel in January with Birthright. I'm very excited - I've never been to Israel cause I missed confirmation cause I was at boarding school.

New company product development's going well. We'll have a usable backend by December, and a frontend soon after. Hush-hush for now tho.

Now I'm off to another busy day of school, work, and consulting. Up, up, and away!

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New Years Plans [ 2006 ¤ October 21st @ 02:04am ]
[ mood | jazzed ]

Vegas, baby, Vegas!

I'm psyched. Combined I'll have a crew of like 18 people rollin down the Strip. You wish you could be there.

That is all.

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Vehicular Update [ 2006 ¤ September 19th @ 02:09am ]
[ mood | optimistic / detached ]

Just a brief update to say I got my new car on Monday! A 2004 Mazda 3 s. It's fassssstttttt which may be a problem. But it's fun. (The volume goes up when the engine gets louder!) Pics behind the cut.

Here"s 4000 words.Collapse )

Other than that, I'm busy as hell. I've been planning my life out and hopefully left room for the unplannable - I have goals, and variables that can drastically change the course. I like that I'm getting a handle on things, and I'm no longer hinging myself entirely on others.

More later when I have time.

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[ 2006 ¤ September 6th @ 04:43pm ]

I know it makes me a nerd, but I just learned Linux a few weeks ago. It's filarious.

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Car Troubles [ 2006 ¤ September 4th @ 10:41pm ]
[ mood | shaken ]

OK, so I had one major car issue last Monday morning, and one minor one today. Neither one was my fault, in the slightest - so I don't want to hear any crap.

I mean it.

...Collapse )
I do stand by my record of never having had an accident with a passenger in the car (aside from two small bumps with zero damage, with Rachel in the car) - and never being injured in a car accident nor caused injuries where i was the driver.

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